Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Father's Day Freak Out

First of all I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who commented. I love it so much when people comment. You are all so nice for taking the time to leave me compliments :)

In other news, I decided I would make my dad socks this year, these socks to be exact. I ordered some Sock it to me collection Esprit, which I just recieved on Wednesday. So I have three nights and one full day to get them done.

I feel like socks are small and so it should be fine, but I also feel like I may be taking on a Harlot sized project (and I don't drink coffee!!) So I temporarily put NBaT on hold. I finished up the back and started on the front. I'm bummed to have to stop because I am a one project kind of gal.

So did I finish? Not quite:

Close but no cigar Posted by Hello

Here's a close up of the pattern, although it is a very poor photo

I'll probably finish it by tomorrow and give it to my dad just a couple days late. Then I can get back to my NBaT.

In other news, my grandmother passed away a few weeks ago (my OTHER grandmother believe it or not) and my dad brought me some of her knitting magazines. They are from the 80s and are hilarious. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Have a good day!


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