Friday, June 24, 2005

Felted FO

Grr I just wrote a whole long story and Blogger didn't save it.

What did I say, um I finished up my Father's Father's day socks and I also finished the Sophie bag for my Step-Grandmother, who I just love. Her birthday is on Saturday and we all went (me, Hubby, and the teddy bear) to NJ to celebrate. She wrote me a note saying how lovely she thought the scarf I made for my step-mom was so I thought she would appreciate a knitted item (plus she used to knit).

I'm really stupid and didn't get a pic of it finished but here it is in progress

Today, Hubby (wonderful man that he is) is going to come with me to check out

vegetarian/vegan nyc festival at lincoln center!!
Sunday, June 26th, 200511am - 7pm
Lincoln Centerin the North PlazaWest 65nd Street & Columbus Ave.New York, NY

Should be fun, I am a total vegetarian (No animal flesh, no dairy, no eggs) so I thought it would be a cool thing to check out. It will have lots of natural food freebies and cooking classes.

I am soo happy that I can finally get back to my selfish knitting and get crackin on NBaT again.

More pics soon.


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