Friday, May 27, 2005

Yes I DO still knit

Well I've finally settled back into my routine. I am DYING to start a new project, mainly NBaT, but I am definitley a one project at a time kind of gal. I just cannot start a new project until I've finished the first (socks don't count since they are "subway" knitting).

Orangina is taking me FOREVER to finish. I know some people have said that it "knits itself". Well not for me. I'm more like 4 rows forward 2 rows back. I'm not getting frustrated just bored mainly. My bday is on Sunday and I think my Dad is gonna give me an ebay gift cert. I'm going to use it to get the calmer for NBaT. I don't want to let Nona down :) I think I may do a plain one and then add some embroidery. We'll see though.

Hopefully I'll get some knitting done this weekend and maybe even *gasp* finish my sweater. My knitting was interrupted last night when I found a tick on my dog. Now people, I live on 85th and 3rd in NYC this is the SECOND tick I've found on him. I didn't think there was so much nature in Central Park!!

I'm very excited for my birthday for one reason. I was able to use it to get my husband to go the MET with me to see the Chanel Exhibit. You should all go check it out. Just not on Saturday when I plan on going (I hate crowds) :)

Monday, May 23, 2005

Back to work

Well I am back in gloomy NYC. I do feel very fotunate to "have to go back" to this city.

We had a fabulous time in Barcelona, after the Friday the 13th bad luck wore off. The first day we were pretty jet lagged but I'm the kind of tourist that makes the most of my time. We dropped our luggage off and were out. We went to the Plaça Cataluna and walked las Ramblas which is where we found this incredible market.

So colorful Posted by Hello

How cool are those eggs Posted by Hello

Wow Posted by Hello

After that we were pretty weary already and so I thought it would be a good idea to get on one of the double decker buses. I always go on those when I visit a city. They are a good way to get your bearings, they usually last like 2-3 hours so if you are exhausted its a nice thing to do to "tour" while sitting down. If it is nice out, like it was, you can get some nice sun and finally the pass is good for the whole day so it is a fun thing to ride at night for the night drive view.

My husband really enjoyed it

ZZZZZ Posted by Hello

ZZZZZZ Posted by Hello

We also visited the Gaudi house, the Picasso Museum and of course Sagra Familia, the famous Gaudi church, which is still being built. It was amazing

It will look like a forest of tress when it is done Posted by Hello

Amazing Posted by Hello

My husband really enjoyed the film on it

ZZZZZ Posted by Hello

We finally had to say good bye to Barcelona and went to meet my mom in Northern Central Spain, Logroño. The weather was beautiful there and we had a great time as well. My uncle saw my knitting and said that there was some more yarn left over at his office warehouse (they make toilet paper? no idea why there would be yarn..) I, of course, said BRING IT ON.

Well, when my uncle said a little yarn what he really meant was about 10 KILOS of yarn. *Insert Hallelujah song.*

Drool Posted by Hello

If that wasn't good enough, my cousin's great danes had puppies and we went to play with them.

They are cute now but will be about 180lbs when full grown Posted by Hello

On our last day my husband managed to get his arm stuck in the bench fetching my ball of yarn. For two panicked minutes (his, I was laughing and saying "come on hon, it's a LITTLE funny) he pulled and twisted until his arm finally came out.

It was a great time. Glad to be back

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hola de España

Hola todas
Ya estoy aqui en Logroño. Hemos pasado muy bien en Barcelona.

Note to self: do NOT travel on Friday the 13th.

Things were going well, we made it to Madrid with no problems, we were about to get on the second flight to Barcelona when we realized we had left out guide book (THE guide book) on the last plane. SUCKED. We bought another one but it paled in comparison. Both of us were depressed as a result but were finally getting over it. We arrived in Barcelona and were waiting for our luggage, and waiting, and waiting....

We ended up over at the lost luggage counter, they had no idea what we were talking about and suggested we look on another claim carriage. Nope! Finally we decided to check the luggage arriving from HELSINKI! There was our luggage. At that point I was just so happy to see it I wasn´t even upset anymore.

From there things improved. We had an awesome time in Barcelona (pics when I get back) and after a 7 hour bus ride arrived here in Logroño and met up with my Mom. Have to run my uncle is on his lunch and will have to get back to work in another hour or two!!

Besos y abrazos

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

NBaT Knit Along

I just joined Nona's NBaT (that's Nothin' but a t-shirt, for those not in the know) along. Why? well because it's a damn cool pattern and because if Nona can do it then so can I!

Now the real issue, what design am I going work on the front and what yarn can work as a substitute for Calmer. I can't use Calmer because I don't have any and I can't get any. This would be due to the fact that....

My name is Alana and I'm a yarnaholic, it's been two days since my last stash enhancement.

I'm trying to stay clean for my husband (who needs dental work) and my dog (who needs his pupperoni).

So anyone have any suggestions for substitutions.? Anyone? Bueller?

I'm going to check out the other cool bloggers doing the cool NBaT knit along and see what they used. They probably used calmer cause they have HUGE homes with LOTS of storage *biatches* JUST KIDDING - It's the withdrawal, the mood swings are killer.

I'm thinking something Spain related, in honor of my Momma (she's Spanish) and my upcoming trip (to Spain). Real Madrid Tshirt (that's their star soccer team)? Spanish Flag TShirt? I Heart Spain? Spain is for Lovers? Kiss me I'm Spanish?

I dunno Yellow and Red are not my favorite colors.... Maybe I can work a Picasso TShirt or a Gaudi one!! My head kinda hurts just thinking about those.

Decisions, decisions

Speaking of my trip I am going to Barcelona, home of Katia, on Friday. So in between the Picasso Museum and the Gaudi walking tour I'll be looking for:

Av. Catalunya s/n - Aptdo. 138 08296 Castellbell i el Vilar (Barcelona) - España

I've also established that that there is a Rowan store there too.

Barcelona - OyambrePaul Claris 145. Tel: (34) 93 4872672

Do you think it will be cheaper in Europe? Or will the Euro squash any savings? I plan to find out. Needless to say my husband has not been clued in yet on our little side adventures. He is on a need to know basis. I think he suspects something is up though.

I am bringing my favorite line of guide books Rick Steve's and inside the Spain one it actually gives a Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant in Barcelona WHOOOT!!

I am staying at my cousin's house there and...well.. let's just say he works in Fashion and is super Eurotrash (but in a good way!!!). I don't think I'm going to be comfortable touching anything nevermind making a big mess cooking. Once we meet up with my Mom in Logrono then I'll be fine and can cook for myself.

I can't wait. This will probably be the last post before I go. I'll try to post from my aunt's house but it will me pictureless SNIFF. Don't worry the blog favorite "I went somewhere cool and you didn't" slideshow will be up before you know it :)

But before I go I must show you what arrived in the mail! Annie Modesitt's book Knitting Millinery. It has patterns and instructions for five hats.

Yes that is my lap Posted by Hello

I'm going to start with this one

Make me!! Posted by Hello

And here is the Endless Summer Collection Lara that I bought. I SWEAR I will use it all. Anyone know what this yarn is a good sub for? I know Sweetgeorgia is using it for her Lucky, what have other people used it for?

I'll be in the filing cabinet at work until there is space for me in my new home. Posted by Hello

Ok that's all for now. Wish me luck I'll be flying across the world on FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH

Loop-d-Loop - The good, the bad, and the U-GU-LY

Ok so I know when I am considering buying a book and a kind, wonderful, generous blogger decides to show some projects and pics I am always so grateful. So, dear reader, here is whole story.

The book is definitely creative, and some projects are downright fabulous (see yesterday's post - LOVE THAT) others induce galic shoulder shrug, and yet others cause my hand to slap my forehead in disbelief.

First the good, these projects look very charming and challenging and I can't wait to work on them. I can see my self wearing these without huge sunglasses and a big hat to protect the innocent.

Now this I like Posted by Hello

This is nice but I wonder what it looks like with a tshirt or something underneath
Posted by Hello

Now these I wont say they are hideous because perhaps they just aren't my style. But honestly this guy's hair-do is enough to make me want to turn the page FAST. I wonder who was the stylist on the photo shoot, so that I can make sure he or she never comes within ten feet of my hair. I'm sorry that's probably mean, but people - this is not an attractive hairstyle for a man. And on a more practical note, it hides the sweater. See I'm not a bitch, I'm just looking out for the sweater.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful Posted by Hello

This woman's hair, I'm not even gonna go there for fear of bad hair karma.... But seriously isn't the look on her face a little intimidating?

I'm gonna get medieval on your ass Posted by Hello

Now these are so odd, yet funny. In a few years they will be in Stitchy McYarnpant's Museum of Kitschy Stiches

Nice hammer pants Posted by Hello

Huh?? Posted by Hello

This is hot. I'm going to make one for my husband right now! Posted by Hello

Overall thumbs up on the book. I give a book a thumbs up if there are more than two things I would knit and this easily has 4.

In other news, I finally was able to give my Step Mother her mother's day gift. I made her the Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I actually didn't follow the pattern exactly, simply because I wasn't paying attention. I did the lace motif every 5th row instead of every 10th. I think it came out pretty nice and she seemed to like it.

Happy Mother's Day Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A new home

I was previously living over at Typepad but just didin't feel like it was the place for me. Is that even possible in a virtual "location"? Regardless, I never really felt at home; like I hadn't fully moved in. It might have been because I had to pay for it, which goes against my...shall we say thrifty...nature.

Tonight, if I can get World of Warcraft addicted husband off computer for more than 2 minutes, I'll upload pics of the Soleil sweater I just finished and the Orangina I am currently working on.

I'm already feeling better here on my FREE (yay!) weblog. Gotta run for now, hubby is meeting me downstairs...

Hi I was successful in getting him off! Here is the pic of the Soleil sweater. It came out pretty well except for the single crochet edge, which came out ok for the most part but not perfect.

You can see my photographer in the mirror. Thanks honey! Posted by Hello

Here's where I am so far on Orangina, or in my case, boringina (thanks to the khaki yarn). To be honest I acutally think this is the perfect color for this frilly girly lace top.

Boringina in Rowan 4ply cotton Posted by Hello

On a different note, I just recently got the Loop-d-loop book. There is some very nice stuff in it. One thing I might try is this:

How gorgeous Posted by Hello

Is that not the most stunning thing you've ever seen? Ok that may be over doing it but it's damn cute.

When I make it I'll be sure to keep track of it in my nifty new knitting diary

Hi I'm Ms. Apple's knitting diary Posted by Hello

How cute is it!!? I love it. The page shown follows my trials and tribulations with Soleil. As you can see it was pretty easy. Cool thing was I got to use some of the unmarked yarn from Spain AND it was a huge ass ball and knit in the round. That means - like NO ends to weave in!!

Well it's pretty late because I was up late watching Agatha Christie's Miss Marple A Murder is Announced. Now before you label me a total dork spinster let me defend myself. First of all the opening credit part has cute animated knitting needles and yarn while the actors names are shown. Second, Miss Marple knits while she solves the crime (see it is a knitting thing - I'm not really THAT lame). Thirdy, this one has the MOST amazing vintage style knits. I drooled over them. You should really try to see it if you can. Stunning knits and just awesome period styled costumes. Ok PBS dork rant over.

Ahh I know I am feeling more at home now that I'm able to let true dorkness come out. Ok I have to go to bed. It took me a half hour to figure out how to get pictures into this post and I have a feeling I'm doing it the hard way.